Coronavirus Cleaning

Reasons to our system is exceptional for battling coronavirus, and maintaining a healthy home:


Powerful Truck Mount, 100% Chemical-Free Cleaning and Sanitizing System

The chemical free cleaning system turns ordinary tap water into the world’s most effective chemical-free commercial cleaner by infusing it with ozone. This “Liquefied Ozone’ eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants on any item or surface before changing back into water and oxygen. Leaves no odors or residues.

Fast & Powerful

Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli, salmonella, MRSA and hundreds of other common germs. Removes stains and odors. 3000 times faster and much stronger than chlorine bleach and chlorine-based cleaners.


Not harmful to people or planet. Reverts to water and oxygen after cleaning and sanitizing. 100% chemical-free. Leaves no residual vapors or chemicals.
Works on many different surfaces without changing chemicals: from tiles to walls in high traffic areas.
The system turns ordinary tap water into Liquefied Ozone. Liquefied Ozone is an extremely powerful, natural and chemical-free cleaner, stain remover & deodorizer that sanitizes.

Completely Green

100% chemical-free. No toxins, carcinogens or chemical residues. EPA, FDA, TURI, CSA, UL and OSHA compliant. No wasteful transportation, packaging or disposal.
Reverts back to water & oxygen after it cleans, removes stains, deodorizes & kills germs.

How It Cleans & Sanitizes

The ozone solution created by the 03 System has been proven effective as a sanitizer. It kills bacteria in much the same way as a chemical agent in that they both attack the cell wall. However, in the case of our ozone solution, bacterial cells absorb the solution just as they would water, and then ozone ruptures the cell wall from the inside out, destroying the cell. Once these cells are killed, they are suspended within the solution and can easily be removed from the surface.