Carpet Cleaning

Carpet & Floor Pros is pleased to offer the state-of-the-art TRUCK MOUNTED carpet cleaning process called the O3 Professional Cleaning System.

The O3 Professional Cleaning System turns ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaning solution, that works as a chemical-free cleaner and sanitizer. This ozone solution kills germs, eliminates odors, and removes stains, mold, mildew, as well as, many other contaminants on any surface, including food. It does all this without the use of synthetic chemicals.

How It Cleans & Sanitizes

The ozone solution created by the O3 System has been proven effective as a sanitizer. It kills bacteria in much the same way as a chemical agent in that they both attack the cell wall.


However, in the case of our ozone solution, bacterial cells absorb the solution just as they would water, and then ozone ruptures the cell wall from the inside out, destroying the cell. It works on many different surfaces without changing chemicals: from tiles to walls in high traffic areas.


Once these cells are killed, they are suspended within the solution and can easily be removed from the surface with the simple wipe of a clean cloth or mop.

  • The system turns ordinary tap water into Liquefied Ozone
  • Liquefied Ozone is an extremely powerful, natural and chemical-free cleaner, stain remover & deodorizer that sanitizes
  • It SUPERCHARGES the water!
  • No chemical fumes or residues

Completely Green

This system is 100% chemical-free. No toxins, carcinogens or chemical residues. EPA, FDA, TURI, CSA, UL, and OSHA Compliant. No wasteful transportation, packaging or disposial. Not harmful to people or planet. Reverts to water and oxygen after cleaning and sanitizing. 100% chemical-free. Leaves no residual vapors or chemicals. Learn more about Lotus 100% Chemical Cleaning…



Our Process – “Ten Steps To A Great Cleaning”


Protect Home and Furnishings

  • Walk-off mats and corner guards protect entryways from tracking damage from hoses etc.
Pre-Vacuum, Edges Too!

  • Removes Up To 79% of Dry Particles
  • Increases Cleaning Effectiveness
  • Removes Dry Soil Before It Gets Wet
Move Furniture

  • Furniture is Moved On ‘Skidders’ To Prevent Damage To Furniture Or Carpet
Treat Stubborn Spots

  • Every Effort Will Be Made To Remove Troublesome Spots…Without Damage To Your Carpet
Pre-Condition Carpet

  • Allows Detergent More Time To Work
  • Like Pre-Soaking Dishes…Gets Carpet Much Cleaner than Extraction Alone
Extract / Clear-Water Rinse

  • Leaves No Sticky Residue/ Like Rinsing Hair
  • Rinses Soil and Detergent with Our Supercharged Water From Fibers
Clean Baseboards

  • Removes Dust Build-up
  • Nicely Finishes Room
Block and Tab Furniture

  • Protects Carpet From Permanent Stains
  • Protects Furniture From Watermarks
  • Speeds Drying Under Furniture
Re-Apply Carpet Protector

  • Six Month Spot and Spill Warranty
  • Restores Carpets’ Ability To Resist Spots and Stains
  • For Six Months, If You Are Unable To Remove A Spot, We Will Attempt To Remove It For FREE
Re-Set Pile and Speed Dry

  • Cuts Drying Time By One-Half
  • Returns Carpets To Service Sooner
  • Helps Restore Soft, Fluff y Nap and Appearance



Our Carpet Cleaning Packages


Experience The Difference!

We know we make mistakes from time to time. We’re only human. But the measure of a service company is not perfection, but rather how well it handles its mistakes. Carpet & Floor Pros is sincerely committed to your total satisfaction. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on every job.



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