A Bull Dog Music Video!

Tweet very cute video of a bull dog wishing for a home. I love inspirational videos like this they are so cute and just clearly adorable! Dogs are amazing creatures and bull dogs are by far some of my favorites. The breed is always clever, kind, gentle, and absolutely amazing. I loved every bit of […] Read more »

Massage Tips for a Dog With Hip Dysplasia

Tweet This is a good video to show you how to massage a dog that has hip dysplasia. It’s a common problem in older dogs and it helps them out so much. Hip dysplasia can be helped with giving your dog good food, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin as well. Dogs use their back legs a lot […] Read more »

Baby and A Puppy – Cute Video

Tweet Very cute short video of a tiny puppy attempting to play with a baby that is crawling on the floor. Very cute dog and super energetic. I have no idea how someone could just have a baby and then get a puppy. I’d go nuts within a few weeks. Does this woman sleep ? […] Read more »